Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Garden on the Deck: Purslane

One of my co-workers at Street Sights, who has guided me through the my-first-garden process, gave me a sprig of Purslane to plant in the garden. Purs-what? And by sprig, I mean a very small 2 branch sprig, roots still attached. He said it's edible and that it is sometimes eaten in salads as an herb. I stuck it in the empty spinach bed and apparently, this little trooper can do quite well despite hectic transfers and crazy heat.The purslane is definitely doing its thing. Word on the street is that it may even flower. And while I wasn't interested in having any flowers in the garden (me being practical in my overly-practial ways), a little color would be a nice surprise from this weed-like looking oddity. Very cool.