Sunday, August 23, 2009

Springsteen Set List

Springsteen doesn't have an opening band. Why? Because Bruce knows his fans, many of whom are hard-working people who have to save up to buy these ridiculously priced concert tickets. And if people have to fork over a lot of money to see him in concert, he's gonna give them their money's worth--a 3 hour non-stop rock & roll revival (at its best), with no need for a warm-up band.

A few highlights of last night's concert: Outlaw Pete, off the new album, was haunting and memorable. No Atlantic City, despite my wishes, and Chris wanted to hear Thunder Road, but how could I complain. The show was great.

But my favorite surprise of the night was to hear the first Springsteen song that sticks in my memory as a kid. I was 10 years old when it was released and I remember playing it over and over (on a cassette tape) in our big brown & taupe striped van. The album was We are the World. Don't laugh, it was awesome. And you probably loved it too. My favorite song on that album was Trapped and I heard it live last night like it was the first time, all over again.

8/22/09 Set List:
1. Jackson Cage (w/Max) - (from The River)
2. She's The One - (from Born to Run)
3. Working On The Highway
4. Hungry Heart
5. Outlaw Pete (from the new album)
6. Badlands
7. Working On A Dream (from the new album)
8. Seeds
9. Johnny 99
10. Point Blank - (in an almost Samba-style...odd)
[Collecting song suggestion signs from the audience]
11. Raise Your Hand
12. Burning Love
13. For You (another surprise - this song tears me up)
14, Trapped (awesome).
15. Waitin' On A Sunny Day
16. The Promised Land
17. If I Should Fall Behind (A request from Don, from the audience, who says it's his
124th show) - (beautiful)
18. Backstreets
19. Lonesome Day
20. The Rising
21. Born To Run
22. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
23. Detroit Medley (w/Jay) - (a lot of fun, but I would've loved for him to have kept Thunder Road here, like the previous night's setlist)
24. Hard Times (an old spiritual)
25. American Land
26. Dancing In The Dark
27. Born In The USA
28. Twist & Shout (shake 'em if you got 'em)