Friday, August 28, 2009

CSA Recipe: Farm Veggie Sautee & White Fish (5 of 5)

I am missing the grill. A friend confessed to me yesterday that she was ready for summer to be over already and I think I'm ready as well. Isn't the Fall a perfect grilling season? We don't spend much time on the deck in this heat and humidity.

Earlier this summer, we were grilling a few nights a week. Above is a white fish (here, it was Cod), grilled on the back deck and served it with a side of veggies from our CSA. Nothing too exciting, but any successful use of chard, for us, is a major triumph.

Veggie Saute: Saute white onion and garlic until soft, add the greens (swiss chard, stalks removed) and chopped squash, and when soft, add the chopped tomato (for the last few minutes). + salt & pepper.