Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CSA Recipe Week (3 of 5): Pesto Veggie Pizza

We were overflowing with tomatoes this week - from our CSA and from the garden on the deck. And since I've insisted that we stop buying wheat dough for our pizzas (because we can't get them to crisp up as well as the white flour dough), our pizzas keep getting better and better. This one may not have topped the Zucchini, Basil & Goat Cheese pizza miracle, but it was incredibly tasty and fresh.

Pesto Veggie Pizza: Pesto base (pesto recipe from Joy of Cooking, in a past post), topped with garlic & shallots from the CSA, sungella tomatoes from the garden & red heirlooms from the CSA, shredded cheese (Italian mix), and fresh CSA basil. Talk about a fresh garden veggie pizza.